Hi I’m Matt Folliott and I’m a Comedian/Actor born and raised in Toronto were I currently perform with comedy groups Chad Mallett, Pride Cops!, S&P, Cool Chicken and K$M. I can also be seen regularly on shows like Rapp Battlezz, Bad Dog Theater's Filthy & Catch 23. I've traveled all across North America performing comedy in festivals like Improvaganza (Edmonton, AB) The Vancouver International Improv Festival, The Out of Bounds Comedy Festival (Austin, TX), MProv (Montreal, QB) and The Del Close Marathon (New York, NY) just to name a few and keep this bio moving. I’m also an instructor at Second City (Toronto) and have had the pleasure of voicing numerous national TV commercials.



If you’ve ever taken an improv class, or hung around comedians or perhaps like to snoop into other people’s conversations at bars (the natural habit of the poor comedian) you’ve probably heard the word GAME in the context of a funny comedy scene or joke. Games are fun right? Like paintball, or dodge ball or baseball or any other game with a ball. But not all games have balls. Wait that sounds strange... Games are manly and have huge swinging balls! Still weird. Games are things we experience that have specific rules and patterns that we find enjoyable to participate in or watch. Ever watched that Youtube video of the baby ripping paper in half? He knows the rules. Daddy gives me paper, I rip paper, it makes fun noise, and we all laugh at how nuts that is. In comedy a game is a specific pattern of behaviour that we just can’t get enough of, and I can confidently say that I can’t get enough of game. I’m hooked on game like Rob Ford’s hooked on KFC Double Downs, like Obama’s hooked on drone warfare, like Stephen Harpers hooked on being an asshole. I think you get how hooked I am. That’s why in July I’m teaching a weekend intensive at Baltic Avenue dedicated to learning, understanding and playing the Game, not only in your improv scenes or sketch writing but in life! After all we could all use a little more play time. So join me the weekend of July 6th and 7th for some gamey make’em ups or don’t! Either way, make sure you’re playing the game in your own life, games are fun, and we need more fun in this world.

Register for the YOU GOT GAME! Improv intensive workshop at www.whiterhinocomedy.com

Catch 23

Catch 23. Toronto's hottest Improvised comedy death match.
Every Friday 8pm at Comedy Bar 10$

FILTHY: the no rules improv cabaret

The second Saturday of every month
at BadDog Theatre 10pm
In one hour, can five of Toronto’s most foul-mouthed comedians, turn one wholesome, good-natured improviser to the dark side
Featuring... Matt Folliott, Rob Norman, Ashley Botting & Ann Pornel

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